Eldy 2.0

Help your elders use Internet


  • Very easy to use
  • Nice design
  • Includes a bunch of basic apps


  • Not properly adapted to English
  • Some options still require intervention from an advanced user


Old people usually find computers hard to use. So if you want your granny to open up her own blog, join Facebook and have a laugh on Youtube, you should get her a copy of Eldy.

Eldy is an Internet application that has been designed especially for old people, which means it's simple in design, has large text and buttons, uses a big, colorful mouse cursor that's quicker to locate on the screen and is dead easy to use. The program has been created by an Italian developer and is not properly adapted to English yet, but it's perfectly usable.

After registering a free user account, Eldy gives you access to email (either an already existing account or a new Eldy email account), Internet, chat and a special folder called "Useful" which contains a basic file explorer, a notepad, a weather forecast tool and a shortcut to Skype – which obviously requires having Skype installed.

Eldy is undoubtedly a good idea to get old people involved in new technologies, but it still requires some expertise in certain aspects such as configuring your old email account or setting it to work with Skype.

Eldy will help your grandparents break the technological gap by providing them with a really easy app to surf the web, chat, email and use Skype.

User reviews about Eldy

  • by Anonymous

    a awasome piece of software for my grandma.
    easy to install easy to explain to my grandmother easy software fo...   More